Tongue-Tite Reviews

Amazingly good!!!

Tongue-Tite 3.5 x 45mm Pack of 200 @ Toolstation

June 2017

By Restorative Carpentry


"Laid a solid oak T&G floor in record time with these screws. Faultless!

Truly fantastic screws

Tongue-Tite 3.5 x 45mm Pack of 200 @ Wickes

11 May 2017

By Phil Deluxe, London 


"I've been using these screws to fix MDF panels for underfloor heating as well as the oak floorboards I laid on top. I originally only got them for the floorboards but they work so well, I've been using them for everything else. They are easy drive and due to the screw less upper shaft area, they work super well at gripping the thing you're screwing something into and pulling it all together. The included bit is great and seems very strong and resistant. I've got lots of spares of them now, one bit probably lasts for at least two full boxes of screws. Truly fantastic screws, the best screws I've ever bought. I wouldn't normally write a review about screws but I came back to order another batch and I noticed the other review which has these at one start. I can't fathom why that reviewer thought these were bad as I've had nothing but a super positive experience with these."

A good quality screw

Tongue-Tite 3.5 x 45mm Pack of 200 @ Screwfix

12 Mar 2017

By Phil1978, Cornwall


"I've used 400 of these today, I would recommend a battery screwdriver. They do as they should, I've given four stars for reliability as I've been using these on oak flooring, and you need to drill pilot holes, ot they split the board, can't fault the purpose these were designed for though, brilliant idea. I've used two per board, and used four on board if the floor is slightly uneven, just to pull the board down, better than gluing as you can undo your work at a later date."


The bit lasts!

Tongue-Tite 3.5 x 45mm Pack of 200 @ Screwfix

6 Dec 2016

By DDigs, Renfrewshire


"The screws are great for fixing hardwood flooring to the original floor. I haven't found the need for a pilot hole. The previous issue of the cheap bit appears to be resolved, the last time I used these I needed more than 1 bit per box. This time the bit is lasting longer than the box whilst they have also provided a second bit in each box."

Quality hidden head screws

Tongue-Tite 3.5 x 45mm Pack of 200 screws @ Screwfix

5 Dec 2016

By Gingachimp


"These screws were just the job. They work as they should. Very good quality and value."

Great value flooring screws

5 Sep 2016

By Brammers, Bath


"Great product and really good value. The drill bit that was supplied with the screws was also good and just about managed to work through the box of 200 that I purchased."

Tonge-Tite screws

13 Jul 2016

By Anotheronebitesthedust, Nantwich


"Bought these tongue-tite screws to lay a solid oak floor onto existing timber floor. They are really great to use, I did drill a small pilot hole first with working hardwood to prevents splitting. Quick easy to use and really do pull the joints together and down to the sub floor, very solid finished job. Would definitely recommend and use again on similar jobs."

Works Well

23 April 2016

By Paulas, Poole


"I always pre-drill - used on softwood TGV panelling into batton. Very pleased with result. Could do with an extra driver head as an get a bit worn towards end of box."


Really good screw

19 April 2016

By tilenovice, Brentwood


" I used these for laying solid oak tongue and groove flooring onto a chipboard base. Forget the claim that you do not need to pre-drill, you do, but only enough to get you past the tongue. That aside, this is a superb product which pulls the boards together really tight and without the need for any wood glue it's easy to take the boards up again if you need to."

Really good

1 Jan 2016

By Stuartino, Surrey


"These are really good, I used them on some 14mm solid bamboo flooring. I Found it necessary to drill a pilot and countersink to stop the tongues from splitting. I don't think that would happen with thicker flooring. They do allow for a lot of adjustment, which is great."

Good alternative to nailing

16 Dec 2015

By Blacksmokeboy, Lisburn


"Used for screwing down 40 packs of hard oak flooring, excellent product."

Tongue-Tite used on oak flooring

A great buy

12 Nov 2015

By brogach, Perth


"I'm a keen DIYer and wanted something to fix my solid oak flooring down, with the ability to remove later on if needed. I have access hatches under a new room floor. This space has wiring and plumbing and can't be accessed from the main house access hatch!


I'm screwing these down 7gm from board edges and every 30cm and they work a treat. Word of warning though drill your hole and drill a countersunk. I find that wooden tongues may split without the countersink!


I put these in at 45 degrees, and change the angle if I want them to pull the boards in tighter.


I read another reviewer complaining that the driver bit wears out . . . well I've been using the same bit for 4 boxes and it's still going strong!"

Great product

6 Nov 2015

By AndrewJ, Cambridge


"I used these to secure down creaky floorboards before laying a floating wood floor. They are very slim and are not much more obvious than nails once in. Saved me loads of time by avoiding the need to pilot holes and countersinks. They drive in with a Torx bit which is provided in the box."

Just as advertised

16 Oct 2015

By Anonymous, Luton


"Used it to fix Tongue and Groove to ceiling. You need to be slightly careful not to split the tongue (set the drill setting) but after that it's plain sailing. Screws straight in. No pilot and secure fixing."

tongue-tite flooring screws

13 Oct 2015

By adrewh, Reading


"Excellent for securing oak flooring. It is well worth the cost for the ability to correct any errors. Ideal for inexperienced floor layers and always gives the flexibility to lift and relay."

Great screws for the lazy man

14 Sep 2015

By 1JON, Suffolk


"I've used these for butt-jointed oak flooring and for built-in oak furniture, with very good effect. The hole they leave is discrete enough to be perfectly acceptable in my old cottage.


it's saved me a lot of work, i.e. I haven't needed to bother making proper joints: I'm not a carpenter.


No pilot needed in oak (but advisable of course if you want to later remove them).


Very easy to use, especially with a new star bit (provided).


Highly recommended!"

These are good

7 Sep 2015

By GordonZ, Glasgow


"Laying Solid Oak flooring, came across these in a post somewhere and did a bit of research. It was these or hire a nailer, as a 1st time attempt at flooring I decided these would be a better/safter option as I could take as long as I wanted and have security to undo anything. I would recommend, 2 drills, 1 for pilot holes (which I think are definitely needed) and one for the screw bit. I did have to take up a few boards due to unseen flaws and with these it is so easy. Takes a fiar bit longer but never rush a good job. No creaksm feels absolutely solid, even put an underlay for noise transfer. You will use more oer Sq Metre than expected. They aren't the cheapest option but worth the little extra and comparing against hiring a nailer then I'm actually saving. Thumbs up from me and my floor looks and feels awesome."

Best Product for Floor Boards

6 May 2015

By alijones, Chester


"I was looking in the catalogue for a better screw for my floorboards (which have recently been removed following a rewire). This product seem ideal although was a bit more expensive than others on the market.


I used them on the first bedroom last night, the results are ideal. No need to pre drill, the screws go in very easily and I have not split any wood. The drill bit sits perfectly and you only need to drill about half speed to get them in.


Once screwed down checked for movement and the dreaded squeak. None at all. Will use for the rest of the house."

Excellent screws

15 Mar 2015

By CAndi, Somerset


"With their small heads, these screws are not just ideal for the secret fixing of t&g boards, but great for any situation where a discreet fixing is desired."

Just the ticket for the job!

22 Feb 2015

By Dellweller, Seven oaks


"Laying more solid wood flooring, and can't fault these screws. They need a pilot drill hole, but if you do a whole row at once this soon becomes a routine which breaks the job up nicely."


10 Feb 2015

By Alphamale, Belfast


"This is an excellent screw to use for secret nailing flooring. They take a firm hold of the boards and their small heads ensure no damage is caused to the tongues, unlike 3.5 or 4.0mm screws which drag the tongue down obstructing subsequent boards.


The small torx bit (one supplier in each new box) gives a postive grip on the screws with little fear of slipping out."

Best All Round Screw

18 Nov 2014

By Anonymous, Honiton


"These screws are amazing, not only for fixing down flooring but in all aspects of carpentry.
For example, because of the very small head they can be used for face fixing, most timbers fold over the head making it invisible.
The course thread always grabs and pulls together the components.
The small star drive head is a nice feature in its self, which can be left on display.
Each box comes with a drive bit.
Fantastic value for money."

Great for Oak Flooring

14 Nov 2014

By Boatbas, West Yorkshire


"Used these to screw down 18mm Oak flooring, srewed through the tongue, found them a lot easier than the self adhesive underlay, you could still move them if they were not right, I put a 3mm pilot hole at 45` angle and the small head on the screw countersinks into the wood so it does not effect the joining also it pulls them tight together. The screws come with a torx bit for the job. Would I use again I certainly would
Barry West Yorkshire"

Absolutely brilliant
6 Sep 2014
By footflaps, Cambridge
"These tint little screws look like they won't work, but they are absolutely great to work with. Even though the head is a tiny wedge, they have enough pull to flatten warped floor boards. You get a really nice finish with very small holes (it looks like you used lost head nails). Yet, if you need to remove a board, you can unscrew them all and re-use them without a problem."
Really fast flooring fixing
6 Sep 2014
By PAUTAN, Reading
"Fast, reliable floor board fixing and allows easy removal of floor boards."

5 out of 5 stars

Effective alternative to glueing or nailing


Effective alternative to glueing or nailing. Works well and allows a solution should removal of board be necessary in the future.


By Brian, 10 Aug 14. Purchased from


25 Jul 2014
By johnners, Cupar, Fife
"I was asked to get these fixings by the chap who is laying our solid timber floor. I had a go at fixing the boards down myself and it was a treat. The box came with the drive bit and the jobs a good un!!"


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  • Maya (Monday, November 30 15 12:09 am GMT)

    I lost some of my pc screws and came asrocs this item on Amazon. I am also a pc repair technician so I think that anyone purchasing this item should be from this field because a normal owner would
    not have use for all this screws and accessories!!! Great Product though

  • Lynn James (Tuesday, June 24 14 12:48 pm BST)

    Please email customer reviews of Tongue-Tite and Lost-Tite - thanks

  • Scott Baumgardner (Friday, August 30 13 03:10 am BST)

    I am trying to buy Tongue- Tite screws. I live in Bozeman, Montana, USA. I can't find these screws in the U.S. or find a company that will ship here. Can you help?

Tongue Tite Screws
17 Oct 2013
By bosacko, Horrabridge pl20 7sp
"I have used these befor, best way to lay flooring."

Credit where credit is due

6 Mar 2012

By Maddog71, Midlands


"Don't often write a review on here, but bought a pack to try and they are very good. I think they are over-priced - £9 for 200 but when you price up your floor they are not much in the scheme of things. I like the driver attachment for putting them in, your driver does not slip at all."

Grate and unique product.

28 Feb 2012

By koski, Northampton


"when you use 130mm wide floor boards you will need 2 packs of those screws for 10sq m."

Handy for tile backing boards

26 Feb 2012

By YorksIan, Yorkshire


"I used these when securing a section of tile backing board where I needed to maintain access under a section of tiled floor at the edge of a room. The head is so small it will actually pass through the standard gap for floor tiles.It needed some careful planning to make sure the screws were in perfect alignment with the tile joints and when in place, I then popped a bit of sellotape over the top of each screw to stop any tile cement getting into the torx head when I stuck the tiles down.So now if I ever need to lift that section, I just need to rake out the cement, then pop the torx bit down and undo the screws, then lift the entire strip of tiles on its bit of baseboard.

Top rate fixers

1 Dec 2011

By Robreliant, MidKent


"Had reviewed various methods on fixing boards and having used these screws will always try to use in future.Advice on the box was also good, I used pilot holes when close to board ends just to eliminate the chances of splitting at the end. Also I had to relocate some screws a short distance away from the original position and still did not split the board tongue.The included T10 bit had worn out though when only a few screws left in the box, so handy to have a spare or your own set.The price is a small outlay when you look at the final result."

excellent product

10 Nov 2011

By fishnr2, Essex


"My oak floor was fixed with some kind of metal fixing and was really noisy. I screw it down and it's so nice a silent now."

Versatile fixings

2 Sep 2011

By PRJO, Rayleigh, Essex


"I have used these screws for other applications requiring a strong, removable and easily concealed fixing, particularly as a substitute for nails. I can commend them fully. 

really work

9 Sep 2011

By DIYPad, Salisbury


"I know these are expensive but the are brilliant and really do the job well."

Great T&G Flooring Screws

6 Sep 2011

By Bigfatfred, Wolverhampton


"Excellent quality product although a little expensive. I would recommend drilling a pilot hole even though you are suppose to be able to drive directly into the wood. When I tried this, they tended to split the tongue. Certainly worth buying and saves having to hire a nailer. Also, with screws, the boards are easy to lift again should you need to."

You have to understand these

11 Jul 2010

By Sidd, Salisbury


"Having laid about 70m2 of oak from 140mm to 220mm and 30m2 of Zimbabwean teak on three floors, these have been invaluable. But they haven't been the only fixings I have used.The first Zim floor was glued because of a concrete sub-floor. But I still used a few of these for awkward spots.The second Zim floor was done entirely in these. Zim teak is ridiculously hard, so I didn't risk banging nails , and these tended to split it as well; but with a pilot hole they were very good. I had to disassemble the floor and then put it back together. WITHOUT THESE SCREWS THAT WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE.The third Zim floor was done mainly with nails because they are cheaper and faster, but I used many of these tongue tite for difficult spots.The oak floors were mainly done with nails, but I used a lot of these round the edges and for face screwing the 220mm boards so they don't cup. The beauty of these is that you can screw down at 45 degrees into little knots, and once filled, the holes are totally random and invisible (45 degrees because knots aren't very strong).Overall, I have used a good few thousand. Highly recommended, but I wouoldn't use for everything. Don't lay a floor without a box of these. Seriously."

No Problem Screwing

8 May 2010

By BodgerSupreme, Somerset


"These are the best screws for hidden installation of tongue and groove flooring that I have come across."

Best screws ever!

24 Nov 2009

By Mazza, Chislehurst


"We laid our first tongue & groove floor recently and we were worried about damaging the tongues of the floorboards while secret nailing. These screws were excellent, we didn't split any of the boards, and they made the job quick and easy."

Good purchase

29 Oct 2009

By JohnR, Aberdeen


"These are a great bit of kit, but expensive. But they do exactly what they are designed to do.Zero flaws, they were well manufactured and include the special drill bit.I used them on 20mm thick tongue & groove oak flooring with great success."

Excellent product

5 Sep 2008

By r2llo, Dereham, Norfolk


"Used to secure 20mm hardwood (oak) tounge and groove planks to an 18mm plywood sub-floor. Simple solution, no need to hire or buy expensive equipment all you need is a power drill. No need to pilot drill, screws start themselves off and work very efficiently and secure the flooring instantly. I am very pleased that I discovered this product, I have even recommended them to the flooring supplier that sold me the flooring."

little pulling power

17 Sep 2008

By naker, glasgow


"handy screws but won't pull boards flat to the joists when slight warp exists. head could be bigger without probs on thicker boards. changed to spax variety instead with better results. would use tongue-tite for un-warped pre-finished boards on top of existing floor though."

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