Lost-Tite Reviews

Great screw

Lost-Tite 3.5 x 45mm (100 pack) @ Toolstation

June 2017

By Floonds


"Been needing a good screw for years. This one did the job - very satisfied."

Great screws

Lost-Tite 3.5 x 32mm (200 pack) @ Toolstation

May 2017

By Kjack of


"I bought these to fix floorboards. Worked well."

Very very good

Lost-Tite 3.5 x 45mm (100 pack) @ Toolstation

May 2017



"Fantastically tight with no damage to old timber. Finding lots of uses where other screws or pins wouldn't work as well."

This screw has the job nailed!

Lost-Tite 3.5 x 49mm (100 pack) @ Toolstation

Apr 2017

By Whizz2


"Building a summer house which has a t&g floor and substituted the nails supplied with the Lost-Tite screw which is a much more precise and secure method of fixing boards without splitting the tongues."

Good product

Lost-Tite 3.5 x 32mm (200 pack) @ Toolstation

Apr 2017

By Landi


"I bought these for a shed project to use instead of nails, very glad I did they work well and don't show as much as nails, also easier to remove if there is a problem."

Simple and it works

Lost-Tite 3.5 x 49mm (100 pack) @ Toolstation

Mar 2017

By Zasu


"Easy to use and holds the boards tight. The head is smaller than a flooring nail so makes for a neat job."

Neat screw

Lost-Tite @ Toolstation

Feb 2017

By PaddyR


"Yes, the product was fine, barely leaves a mark in the wood. However, the Gloucester store did not have the 45mm or the 49mm ones I wanted. Neither did the Isleworth store have them 3 days later! Must be a popular item?"


Lost-Tite 3.5 x 25mm @ Toolstation

Feb 2017

By Slippy


"This is the only place I could find that supplies the 25mm version of this screw. Thanks Toolstation. You;ve saved my bacon!"

Fantastic screws

Lost-Tite 3.5 x 32mm (200 pack) @ Toolstation

Jan 2017

By Hippo55


"Screwed down 20sq/m solid oak flooring, great strong screws with no rejects in 4 boxes I have now used. Since bought and used a few more boxes on other jobs. You may feel they're expensive but well up to the job and worth it in my opinion."

No more nails!

Lost-Tite 3.5 x 49mm (100 pack) @ Toolstation

Dec 2016

By Lulu


"I've been using Lost-Tite screws for a couple of years now. The small head makes for a very neat and simple finish - no more countersinking, or filing and sanding. The screws pull the piece in very neatly too, pre-drilling is rarely needed. I've just used the 49mm screws to fix down replacement floorboards over half a suspended floor. They blended in with the nail holes of the existing boards beautifully."

5 out of 5 stars


If you are technical person never mind DIY you have to try these. I used them to fit solid oak door thresholds. I was so impressed and decided to flush fit - countersunk - instead of filling since the tiny head looks like a jewel in the wood.

By Boyj, 10 Feb 2014. Purchased from Amazon.co.uk



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