MDF-Tite Reviews

Excellent screw!

MDF-Tite 3.9 x 45mm (200 pack) @ Toolstation

Jan 2017

By TreeManDave


"Bought these for a project using MDF around a framed carcass. They fix very well indeed and for my project left a great finish. I used them mainly on face to face joint and they have held together really well. I was so impressed in fact I have bought other screws from the same brand for other projects which have all worked excellently too."

Good screws

MDF-Tite 3.9 x 30mm (200 pack) @ Toolstation

Dec 2016

By Longtom


"As with sall the Tite range they do what they are supposed to."

Mdf screws

MDF-Tite 3.49 x 40mm @ Screwfix

14 Nov 2016

By Harman, Purfleet


"Was good quality heads and threads did a perfect job."


MDF Screw

5 Dec 2015

By Cleon, Northampton


"I was delighted to discover that ScrewFix are now offering a screw specifically designed for use in MDF. In the past I have had minor problems using screws from other suppliers in this material. These screws do the job to a T and exceed every expectation in performance."

It is what it is

11 Aug 2015

By barnsleyfc1, Wakefield


"They do the job spot on. Can't grumble at the price either."

5 out of 5 stars


Discovered 'ordinary' screws are not always suitable for MDF so bought
these on recommendation. Not sure the illustrated screw shown here is accurate; most have the thread right up to
the head.

By Jay Bee, 8 Mar 2013. Purchased from

MDF screws

13 Nov 2012

By Jack123, London


"Best screw ever used for joining boards of MDF. Other screws would split boards or not holding joints very strongly."

25 Mar 2011

By biggles4808, Lydlinch, Dorset

"I used these to screw 6mm plywood to floorboards. Very easy, no pilot needed and no pullup. The ply tightened fully to the floor. Easy to start and stayed on the mark. The self countersinking feature is perfect if you are laying tile backer on top as I was."

 Brilliant time saving product


8 Jan 2009By Alibar, Isle of Wight

"A brilliant time saving product. 10 out of 10 for excellent customer service" 

Top screw 

30 Oct 2008

By thecaptain, Enfield


"I used these to board a floor with 15mm ply prior to tiling. Perfect for flooring. Goes through the ply realy fast and pulls it close to existing wood floor .(therefore no gaps or movement)"


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