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No drilling

Deck-Tite 4.5 x 75mm (200 pack) @ Toolstation

June 2017



"This is the second box I have bought, good quality, quick delivery and friendly service."

Best quality

Deck-Tite 4 x 25mm (200 pack) @ Toolstation

April 2017

By EITel


"I use these screws all the time and wouldn't use anything else outside."

They do exactly what it says on the box

Deck-Tite 4.5 x 50mm (200 pack) @ Toolstation

February 2017

By Noaks


"I bought this product to fix down my new T&G floor boards in my loft, a great product. My only problem was with my local Halifax store's stock, they had run out. They phone the Bradford store, they had 1 box in stock which was placed on one side for me to collect about an hour later."

Does exactly as described

Deck-Tite 4.5 x 75mm 200 pack @ Toolstation

December 2016

By KG899


"Bought for a specific product, good product, ideal for the job and at a good price."

Great value

Deck-Tite 4.5 x 63mm 200 pack @ Toolstation

December 2016

By KG899


"As with other simmilar product, great value, well made and exactly what I needed."


Excellent value, great spec

Deck-Tite 4.5 x 50mm 200 pack @ Toolstation

December 2016

By KG899


"Just what I needed for a specific product, well made, great value."

Good standard

Deck-Tite 4.5 x 63mm 200 Pack @ Screwfix

7 Nov 2016

By localguy, Ipswich


"I love using Screwfix everything you need is here and the screws I bought for my fence were of excellent standard."


Deck-Tite Decking Screws

Deck-Tite 4.5 x 63mm 200 Pack @ Screwfix

13 Aug 2016

By Elderlygent, Stratford-on-Avon


"Very sharp point at one end and recessed for screwdriver bit at the other. Those that were the wrong way around in the box were easily turned the correct way to enable use. Very good screws: 48 used so far and none has fallen out. Nice colour, too. I would buy these again."

Superb product

Deck-Tite 4.5 x 63mm 200 Pack @ Screwfix

8 Aug 2016

By landlord1, Sailsbury


"It's a deck screw!! but it does what it says on the tin [well box actually]. Excellent product, screws boards down nice and tight, no complaints."

Just works

Deck-Tite 4.5 x 63mm 200 Pack @ Screwfix

28 Jul 2016

By RyanDIY, Northants


"A screw that just works. Used them before and there is no bleed in colour into the wood."


1 May 2015

By TheDemon, Norfolk


"Brilliant quality exterior screws. Only need s small pilot hole to prevent splitting (in C16 for shed work, anyway). Heads are deep, seat well and don't burr, and the green nylon finish doesn't get chipped off. The lead-in thread (the pointy bit) is quite a shallow angle, so you get about 5mm less grip penetration that you might expect."

The Best

23 April 2016

By Hammo, Worthing


"I have used many different sourced deck screws and these are the best yet."

Impressive screw

20 Apr 2015

By DIYGENIUS1, North Shields


"Chose these screw for my new decking, and wanted something that would hold the decking boards tighly in place. Was impressed with the self-countersinking and with ease, even through knots."

Very good screw
16 Aug 2014
By creamcrackered, South Coast
"I used these screws to make a shed base,(see my comments elsewhere about angle brackets) I used an electric drill/driver and never had a problem with the strength of them, occasionally if I wasn`t straight on the screw the bit slipped but that was too be expected, as soon as I got it right it didn`t cause any problems, very happy with the quality."
First class product.
24 Jul 2014
By Glamill, Leeds
"I am into my fourth bucket. This speaks for itself. If they weren't any good - I wouldn't be here !!"
Good screw !
20 Jul 2014
By DIYGeek, Fife, Scotland
"Best screws I've had in a while ! No shearing, no cam-out, good grip, dig their own countersink. Used them on Ipe deck boards and did a good job. Can't say how long before they rust, if the ever do. I chose them over Stainless Steel because I find StSt shear easily."

The Rite Product

22 Sep 2011

By CJConcepts, Plymouth


"If you a specifically looking for Decking Screws these are extremely good value and exactly what you need."

Excellent screws

20 Sep 2011

By Girlpower, Norfolk


"Strong screw with a good head, drilled a small pilot hole to be safe but went in a treat. Would definitely use again."


 Excellent Value product

7 Sep 2011

By CJPlym, Plymouth


"These screws were the exact product required for our large decking area."

Deck-Tite® Screws

14 Aug 2011

By Raven, Sheffield


"Excellent decking screws,straight in with no messing around !!"

A great screw

7 Jun 2011

By Sheepshearer, Essex


"These screws work very well indeed.The decking I used was of an inferior quality, so the screws are having to work very hard to hold the boards in shape.After being dry for so long, there are no signs of distortion after the heavy rain just recently."

Good screw - but buy longer

16 May 2011

By FatBert, Cardiff


"Bought this length as thougth it would be long enough to secure a 25mm board. Due to the nature of the boards and the fact it is an outdoor application I would go 57mm or 63mm to be sure."

Reliable faultless screws

10 Dec 2009

By jag1304, Milton Keynes


"These screws are a must for all external wood construction, never have any proplems with them, excellent for decking,sleepers and pergola's"

Best Deck Screws Here

11 May 2009

By DesignRob, Leics


"Significantly the best deck screws we use, do not confuse with Screwfix's own deck screws whilst cheaper are a great deal less effective than these."

Not Just Any Screw

8 Sep 2008

By Hendo, Bonnybank


"Great price, great screw, what more can one say! But it is my advice to any deck builder."

As good as you would expect

13 Aug 2008

By Anonymous, Kent


"Very handy to have a big bucket of screws rather than lots of fiddly packets. Screws were easy to start and looked smart in the decking. No need to pre-drill holes which speeded up the whole job."

Perfect every time!

9 Jul 2008

By Mike58, Glasgow


"These are excellent value for money and made to a high quality spec. They always drive in without slipping on the pozi head and I have never seen one shear off even in the hardest wood. The thread allows them to drive in smoothly and quickly and has helpped to extend my battery usage by about 20% over the previous type that I was using. A good tip for you would be to buy from Screwfix a diamond coated pozi bit, they just go on and on, I wish I had found out about them years ago they would have saved me a fortune."


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