Lost-Tite® Screws


Lost-Tite provides an easy fix for Tongue & Groove Cladding/Flooring. Its lost head delivers a semi-concealed neat flush fix without the hassles that messy glues, nails or panel pins come with.


It's also removable unlike glues, nails and panel pins.


  • No pilot hole necessary


  • Lost head for a discreet fix


  • Star recess (ST10) - provides greater grip and control on application


  • Free driver bit in each box


  • For indoor & light outdoor use


  • Removable unlike nails, pins and glue


  • Extra thread eliminates screw extrusion if the timber shrinks

"Fantastically tight with no damage to old timber." 

DIYr, Toolstation.com

Sizes Available:


Code Size Box Qty Outer Qty
TFLT3525 3.5 X 25MM 200 8400
TFLT3532 3.5 X 32MM 200 8400
TFLT3545 3.5 X 45MM 100 4200
TFLT3549 3.5 X 49MM 100 4200


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