Screw-Tite Reviews

Easy screwing lads

Screw-Tite 4 x 30mm (200 pack) @ Screwfix

6 Jun 2017

By 18baldy, Swansea


"Very easy to use. Pilot free drilling, quick, safe and secure screwing. Cracking design requires less effort to screw saving battery effort and charge. Solid fixing and self counter sinking. Neat finish for a top job. TIDY."


Good fixings

Screw-Tite 4 x 40mm (200 pack) @ Toolstation

Jun 2017

By Jt56


"Purchased to replenish my stock."


Good screw

Screw-Tite 5 x 90mm (100 pack) @ Toolstation

Jun 2017

By Trade User


"Work well. The unthreaded part of the shank means that they pull the 2 bits of wood together well. The heads don't chew up like really cheap screws."



Screw-Tite 5 x 60mm (100 pack) @ Toolstation

May 2017

By Pc167


"Solid product, good value."


A real quality product at a great price

Screw-Tite 4.5 x 50mm (200 pack) @ Toolstation

May 2017

By Gangan


"Bought these a week ago and cannot fault the quality."


Excellent design

Screw-Tite 5 x 70mm (100 pack) @ Toolstation

May 2017

By Cliverp


"Needed some good screws for assembling some garden furniture. The decision incorporates a plain shank which means it does a great job of pulling the 2 bits of timber together. Fast driving also helps."


Good selection good price

Screw-Tite Trade Pack @ Toolstation

April 2017

By oboe


"Nice screws suit many jobs."


Quality product. Recommend.

Screw-Tite 6 x 60mm (100 pack) @ Toolstation

April 2017

By Subbie


"Best woodscrews for timber to timber connections. More expensive than others but the manufacturers claims are accurate and justify the additional expense. Also good for use in wall plugs."


Great value

Screw-Tite 3.5 x 25mm (200 pack) @ Screwfix

14 Apr 2017

By Hardworker64, London


"These screws are great value for money, they're much cheaper than the higher quality brands but do just as a job. Just make sure you have the right screw head."


Great Grip

Screw-Tite 3.5 x 30mm (200 pack) @ Toolstation

Mar 2017

By Fish16


"Purchased several sizes to fix several re-occuring problems in our motorhome. Now very tight, and secure. Problem now sorted and hasn't required further attention. I will definitely be using these on future projects."


It pulls things together well

Screw-Tite 4.5 x 40mm (200 pack) @ Toolstation

Mar 2017

By Ricky231


"It pulls through wood well, better than others."


Best screws I've used

Screw-Tite 4 x 16mm (200 pack) @ Toolstation

Mar 2017

By Salz


"Excellent screws! They screw fast, don't cam out and they pull pieces together tight in once go. I bought these mainly for fixing chipboard carcasses together as they are specialised for that kind of material and they performed flawlessly. They grip into the wood incredibly well. They are pricier than your average screw but this isn't really your average screw so it's justifed."


Great screw

Screw-Tite Trade Pack @ Toolstation

Mar 2017

By Jim bob


"Great package of screws. Easy to start, great choice of sizes."


Long screws

Screw-Tite 5 x 100mm 100 pack @ Screwfix

24 Feb 2017

By oldH, Buxton Derbys


"Good sharp screws, went into wood easily with cordless drill driver. No problems. Used them before with great success so I recomment them. . ."


Did the job

Screw-Tite 6 x 150mm (50 pack) @ Toolstation

Feb 2017

By Bootboy


"Used these for building a new workbench no problem."


Favourite Screw

Screw-Tite 4 x 60mm (100pack) @ Toolstation

Feb 2017

By doodleMonkey


"Preferred wood screw. I moved to using these after having sheer failures of steel screws in some situations. These are strong, take a fair amount of stress, don't corrode and the screw heads work will (don't strip off) with power screw drivers. Use a lot of these."


Happy accident

Screw-Tite Trade Pack @ Toolstation

Feb 2017

By Jonahs8


"Ordered these by mistake (was actually after a different type of screw) and was a happy mistake. 


Used with a pilot hole, they drive in perfectly, only running into issues when I wasn't holding the drill at the right angle or when I came across another screw in its path. Ended up buying more."


Holding and breaking?

Screw-Tite Trade Pack @ Toolstation

Feb 2017

By Porky


"I have only used these screws on a couple of occasion but they have worked as a screw should do, holding with no breakages. If I can I would like to return later to write a more detailed test."


Good value

Screw-Tite Trade Pack @ Toolstation

Jan 2017

By Kidznof


"Good performance, covers a good range - I am left with rather too many smaller screws, my decision."


Good for fixing timber to concrete

Screw-Tite 5 x 80mm (100 pack) @ Toolstation

Jan 2017


"I was surprised how well these went into concrete. No advice was given on pilot hole size. I used a 4mm masonry drill bit which seemed to do the job."


Best screw brand out there

Screw-Tite 4 x 60mm (100 pack) @ Toolstation

Jan 2017


"These are an excellent quaility screw. The heads are well machined and I have not had any faults in any of the boxes I purchased. The screw is very well made and works very well with both impact drill and standard drill driver. The holding ability of these screws is absolutely excellent too. Very impressed and is now my go to brand."


A good screw

Screw-Tite 3.5 x 50mm 200 pack @ Screwfix

4 Jan 2017

By Puffs, Devon


"These are great discreet screws that drive well and counter sink themselves without pre drilling in soft wood. Ideal for panel work. Bought these as could not find in gold screw which I normally buy and were the cheapest at Screwfix. Not disappointed at all."


Very good and solid wood screw

Screw-Tite 5 x 60mm (100 pack) @ Toolstation

Dec 2016

By Mario Patios and Fencing


"Sorry no photo but they're very good screws and I put a fence up and panels and they done the job very sturdy thanks."


Perfect for chipboard

Screw-Tite 4 x 20mm, Screw-Tite 4 x 30mm, Screw-Tite 4 x 50mm @ Toolstation

Dec 2016

By Salz


"Bought these as were recommended to use with melamine faced chipboard. They're more expensive than regular screws but they are miles better. They pull 2 pieces together completely and even squeezes the wood somewhat so no need to double drive a screw. I used this size to fit kitchen legs (without centre lugs) to carcasses and they were solid. I will be sticking with these and not touch any other brand now."


Great value screw!

Screw-Tite 5 x 80mm (100 pack) @ Toolstation

Dec 2016

By TreeManDave


"I bought these recently specifically for a project in my workshop making a bench out of 4x2's and 6x2's with a plywood top. These screws have been excellent and I have had no problems with them at. No deformed heads of snapping, even when used with my Ryobi impact driver."


Great Selection

Screw-Tite 4 x 35mm (200 pack) @ Toolstation

Dec 2016

By berniethebolt


"First rate screws for a great price and brilliant next day delivery."


It's a screw

Screw-Tite 4 x 70mm (100 pack) @ Toolstation

Dec 2016

By Nozzer


"It works and the heads seem robust - that's all I need."


Worth the extra


Screw-Tite 4 x 45mm 200 pack @ Screwfix

3 December 2016

By Olddogscanlearn, Derbyshire


"These screws drive in easily and screate a really tight joint without needing to pre-drill or mess about doing them up then doing them up again."


great screw. . .

Screw-Tite Trade Pack XL 400 pack @ Toolstation

December 2016

By Vincey


"Value for money if you want lots of different sizes."

Vgood screws

Screw-Tite 4 x 40mm @ Screwfix

12 Nov 2016

By Rhland


"Good screws, great value, does what a screw needs to do."


Screw Tite

Screw-Tite 4 x 40mm @ Screwfix

30 Sep 2016

By sandy8961, London


"Excellent value for money and yet to find a single screw with a badly machined head . . . would highly recommend!"


Good screw

Screw-Tite 4 x 40mm @ Screwfix

8 Sep 2016

By Paulotomo, Lincolnshire


"Worked a treat for my DIY Shed project. Cheaper than any of the main DIY chains."


Worked well

Screw-Tite 4 x 30mm @ Screwfix

3 Sep 2016

By Digger686, Belfast


"Bought these for joining sheets of contiboard. They drive nicely and pull the two surfaces together a lot better than some screws with a fully-threaded shank."



Screw-Tite 5 x 80mm @ Screwfix

20 Aug 2016

By ladygaga, Chalk Kent


"Good value good quality. Great service. Would highly recommend."


Great screw

Screw-Tite 5 x 90mm @ Screwfix

5 Aug 2016

By Backoak, Hereford


"Excellent value, perfect for the job.PS great service from local store."


Screw-tite PZ Screws

Screw-Tite 5 x 50mm @ Screwfix

3 Aug 2016

By mickjud, Stratford on Avon


"Good screws, easy to start and when screwing 2 pieces of wood together, the smaller threaded tip ensures you don't create a gap by jacking the second piece away. Recommended!"


Spot on

Screw-Tite 4 x 40mm @ Screwfix

2 Aug 2016

By DIY87, Bedlington


"Perfect screws for multi use. Used yesterday to build a garden fence with ease. Thank you, will buy again."



Screw-Tite 4 x 40mm @ Screwfix

15 Jul 2016

By diybri, Fife


"Amazing grip from such a small screw. Would recommend and will buy again when I run out."



Screw-Tite 4 x 70mm @ Screwfix

7 Jun 2016

By Tel7000, Greater London


"I purchased these to replace what I had used from my builders trade case very please with them screw in nicely rarely split the timber and at reasonable price what more could you want also what more could I say about screws."



15 April 2016

By Igors, Jedburgh


"Perfect for a range of jobs, great quality and strength."


Spot On

3 April 2016

By jeffgs, Swansea


"Spot on for a large area of wooden studding I did use a multiple angles with no problems."


Great Screws

29 Dec 2015

By bd123, Staffordshire


"Brilliant screws, did the job perfect. Purchased a 2nd box and will use again."


great screws
26 Nov 2015
By gazrobbo, Hull
" They drive in smoothly and effortlessly every time without the need for pilot holes."
Great, verastile screws.
20 Nov 2015
By steve44day, Winchester
" Creaking chipboard or T&G flooring due to nails working loose. A few of these screws will sort it in no time atall. Excellent."
Work well
16 Nov 2015
By ASTON47, Northampton
" bought these for building an arbor in the garden with 2x2 timber. They go in easily and securely hold everything together just the job! "
Great screws
12 Oct 2015
By fellbagger, Portsmouth
" Purchased these for building a workbench in my garden shed / workshop.
Perfect for fixing together a 3x2 / 4x2 timber frame. Very satisfied, would buy again. "
Top quality screw
12 Oct 2015
By mavick, Solihull
" Easy to use self starting screws excellent for woodworking projects "

Quality screws

6 Jun 2015

By Montyspm, Alexandria


"First time I have used them and would buy again, great drive into the wood and secured the timber no problem at all."


Proper Screws
9 May 2015
By PaulJR, Lincolnshire
" With a thinner unthreaded (plain) shank these crews actually clamp the top piece and tighten well, little cam out and can be driven fast. MUCH better than the Screwfix turbo golds I used to use.
great for floors
6 May 2015
By benny21, Farnborough
" They pull the wood together tight without effort,no more loose boards "
Great screws
21 Apr 2015
By EarlDIY, South Wales
" These screws are very good value and drive in easily. Grip is excellent in mdf and would recommend "
Great screws
14 Apr 2015
By gizmobob, Matlock
" ************** fantastic for 18mm MDF. I will buy again ************ "
Excellent Screws
4 Apr 2015
By DIYing, Norfolk
" Drove in beautifully, no splitting of wood, easy to pull out again as well. I will use a lot of these screws "
Screws that really work
5 Feb 2015
By chippieatchoochoo, Leicester
" used these screws for the first time, joining 1/2" MDF at right angles. Brilliant no splitting,using a power driver & a real tight pull without stripping. Will be using them again. "
2 Dec 2014
By jay83, London
" Awesome guys i just rescrew it about 20 times and the head is like new :P "

Great Performing Screws

19 Nov 2014

By 7pnj4, Surrey


"Fire into timber & boards with ease.
Good thread that pulls in the screw, not much more to say!"

Great Screws

9 Nov 2014

Tug01, Perth


"Fantastic screws, no qualms about buying these again."

They are so much better than any other screw out there

29 Oct 2014

By AndyS, Leeds


"Since I bought my first pack, I haven't bought any other screw. They are so much better than any other screw out there."

Purchased from

Smooth shank
25 Sep 2014
By Anonymous, Andover
"Screwtite screws over 30mm have a smooth shank so are excellent for screwing timber together without the need for a pilot hole and because they have a smooth shank the pieces of timber pull tight against each other"

5 out of 5 stars

Best screws I've ever used


By Andy S, 21 Sep 2014. Purchased from

Screw-Tite 4 x 40mm screws
15 Sep 2014
By Wisealchemist, Aldershot
"Bought a pack of 200 to try for garden and allotment project use. I was immediately pleased by how sharp they are and they way they drive in, which was really steady and easy (with pine). They pull the wood together tight without effort which is why I bought this particular screw. I'd buy again."
Goes into wood with ease.
12 Jul 2014
By minhcao, London
"Read the reviews and bought a box to fix 2x4 joists together for a garden deck. They go in very easily and pull the joists tight. No complaints and thoroughly recommended."
You get what you pay for !!!!
25 Jun 2014
By PetethePM, Cambridge
"As with all the Screw-Tite screws these are brilliant to work with and so rewarding to use on all size jobs. Luckily I discovered these a few years ago and have never been disappointed with any of the sizes that I have used. Excellent quality but still great value for money."
Kitchen Dream
8 Jan 2014
By Navara, Brighton
"Great screw for joining kitchen cabinets. The design of the screw draws the 2 together even without a clamp."

Charlie McEwen, TN 37101, USA. Bought from Home Depot


"This screw is of excellent quality, performs well and the value is good. I have found similar screws at a lower price but they did not have the dual thread at the tip. I would definitely buy these again." 


By Gauntfer, London 


"Good, solid screws, value for money, I made a large tool box and working on a shed structure using these screws"


Time and cost saver screws

25 Apr 2012

By Shepshedian, North Leicestershire


"These screws will screw into pilot holes in masonry, without need for plugs.Simply drill and screw!!"

Worked a treat

13 Mar 2012

By Zeni, North Essex


"Used these screws with CLS timber to build a false chimney for mounting a flat screen TV.The head design was good, my power screwdriver never slipped, the take up and tension on the screws were good for the job too"

Screw Tite do just that

28 Nov 2011

By VillageCraftsman, Northamptom


"They do just that, I purposely look these out when I need to pull two pieces of timber together in a secure manner. They go in easily and the plain shank mimics the effect of a pilot hole allowing the two pieces to be drawn together tightly."

Screwtite prodrive

24 Sep 2011

By cuzz, goole


"Used these screws for plywood flooring great screws."

Great screws

21 Jun 2011

By MickJ, Surrey


"These screws are brilliant. You can use them in more than just wood and they don't need pilot holes. They don't split the wood & when screwing together two pieces of wood they pull them together really tight.I used these on a big boarding out job and they probably saved me a whole day's work!Once you start using them then you won't use anything else."

You have to use these screws

25 May 2011

By Anonymous, lakes


"You have to use these screws to experience just how good they are.If you consider your time as expensive these are cheap"

Great screws galore

0 Apr 2011

By sweargob, Lincoln


"ideal size multiple screws in a good quality case. Can be used almost everywhere."

Pricey but very effective

14 Mar 2011

By ShortyDIY, Kent


"I used these along with Turbogold screws to attach softwood battens to Oak. The Screw-tite screws went in faster so if you have loads to do it could save on time and battery power. Very reliable."

Great Allrounder

17 Dec 2009

By Crossflow, Wales


"Used these in many applications and always work very well, especially with an impact driver to drive the bigger ones in. Not the cheapest though."

Real decent screws

30 Jul 2009

By peanut, Reading


"these screws are flipping good, they are loved by our fitters.From my point of view, there is a wide size range and they are available for next day delivery.


27 Mar 2009

By screwshark, London


"We have used a lot of these! Good size for working with 2" timbers. Fast and easy to drive; no thread on upper half stops the timbers coming apart, though can make it difficult to unscrew. Uses pozi #2 so you don't have to change for smaller screws. Best value for money."

Very Useful Product

25 Feb 2009

By saercoed, Mid Wales


"Good value, strong fastening. Part thread eliminates separation of jointed materials and results in tight joint. Recommended!"

Good product

2 Dec 2008

By KevinT, Edinburgh


"Strong, reliable and easy to start. heavy duty great for joists - 8x2 and 6x2 timbers. make sure that the correct driver bit is used or it will mangle the screw head."

Very Good Fastener

1 Dec 2008

By springhassprung, Braintree


"Used with electric screwdriver unit the heads withstand the pounding they get from a hardened bit and this type of screw performs well."

Super screws!!

8 Oct 2008

By scorch, boston


"By far the best screws purchased from yourselves used in day to day projects, we know we have used most!!They drive in beautifully and dont require pilot hole with good grab and dont take it out of your drill.Will not buy anything else in this size" 

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