Net-Coat® Green plating used on the Tite® range of OutDoor fixings is designed for out-door use, primarily with pressure treated timber. The coating resists corrosion both from the elements and the chemicals within the timber, while also providing protection against galvanic corrosion. Used correctly (without damaging the recess, etc, on insertion) Net-Coat® treated fixings exhibit high corrosion resistance.


Net-Coat® Green is also suitable for most softwoods and fibre boards. With hardwoods and some softwoods like Douglas fir and western red cedar*, then stainless steel is recommended. For hardwoods, we recommend a pilot clearance hole to allow for timber movement.


*due to the natural extratives such as tannate


Net-Coat® Yellow is suitable for indoor use, though offers better corrosion protection than standard zinc plated fixings. 


Net-Coat® Yellow Extra is designed primarily for indoor use but can be used externally where the fixing is concealed, such as tongue & groove cladding.


Net-Coat® Blue is designed to inhibit fixings unscrewing in use over time.


Net-Coat® Silver exhibits the same properties as Net-Coat® Green


Net-Coat® Clear is used on stainless steel to inhibit galvanic corrosion.

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