Hinge-Tite® Screws


Hinge-Tite has been designed to fit hinges and latches perfectly. The plain angled head sits flush in the hinge and no pilot hole is necessary in most applications. Hinge-Tite is hardened so will not snap on insertion like many other screws.


  • Twin and single thread on the same screw
  • Fully threaded
  • Countersunk head
  • PZ2 recess
  • Available in Net-Coat brass or chrome to match your hinges


Also available: Hinge-Tite Raised - its raised head creates the perfect finish for high quality chrome architecture. 


"Strong screws that sit flush with the hinge unlike regular screws that sit proud of the hinge."

Swan, Screwfix.com

Sizes Available:


Code Size Finish Box Qty Outer Qty
TFHTB4025 4 X 25MM BRASS 50 4500
TFHTB4030 4 X 30MM BRASS 50 4500
TFHTB4530 4.5 X 30MM BRASS 50 4500
TFHTB4540 4.5 X 40MM BRASS 50 4500
TFHTC4025 4 X 25MM CHROME 50 4500
TFHTC4030 4 X 30MM CHROME 50 4500
TFHTC4530 4.5 X 30MM CHROME 50 4500
TFHTC4540 4.5 X 40MM CHROME 50 4500


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