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Timber-Tite 145mm screws

Timber-Tite 6.5 x 145mm (20 pack) @ Toolstation

June 2017

By Routing crazy


"Driven into 100mm untrated oak like driving into butter."


Timber-Tite 6.5 x 200mm 10 Pack @ Screwfix

3 Dec 2016

By NORM876, Yeovil


"These were used to join railway sleepers to form a low wall. Perfect for the job."

Perfect Joist Screws

Timber-Tite 6.5 x 145m 20 Pack @ Screwfix

14 Nov 2016

By Multitasker, Redruth


"Used this to secure joists together, drilled 6mm hole through 1st joist and then screwed straight into 2nd joist. Pulled and secured joists together tight, exactly as needed. Star head and supplied driver bit ensures heads do not damager - just perfect for the job."


Quality heavy-weight screwww

Timber-Tite 6.5 x 80mm 20 Pack @ Screwfix

10 Nov 2016

By Thenavigator, Hereford


"Quality item used to fix fence rails to posts. I bored 5mm pilot holes to ensure no splits and the end result was very secure."


Make the job easy

Timber-Tite 6.5 x 100mm 20 Pack @ Screwfix

31 Oct 2016

By Handyman32, Workington


"This was the first time I had sintered new ends onto rotten floor joists and these screws made the job simple. Firmly clamped the joists together using adhesive from Screwfix then drove these screws straight through the 2 joists without the need for pre drilling.


Floors are now level and rock solid."

Bit pricey but great quality

19 Oct 2015

By Timmity, Reading


"I used these on the frame for my decking. I didn't drill any pilot holes and didn't have any split on the joists. I used my impact driver and the screws dug in easily without exerting much pressure at all. They screw in flush too. They feel really sturdy. They're are quite expensive in themselves but I couldn't find anything of an equivalent quality that were much cheaper anywhere else so I guess it's a matter of getting what you pay for here."

Good quality

25 May 2015

By Dabl, Halifax

"These are excellent screws especially for the price. Drive in easily and comes with its own drill bit."

Make life easy

20 Feb 2015

By BlackHilltop, Scotland


"I live on top of an exposed moor where everything has to be over-engineered for stability against severe weather. I build extra robust sheds but, as a hobbyist lady pensioner, do not have fancy tools and certainly no automatic nail gun. These screws are so easy to use and sit so evenly on the finished surface. I think they are wonderful. Although quite expensive, they do save time and make a fantastic tight secure neat fit. Great things altogether! My most recent structure is a pet bird aviary all put together with these screws - and it looks solid enough even though built by an antique amateur."

Bird aviary built with Timber-Tite
confident drive
16 Jul 2014
By shale, dover
"Used these for joining 2 6x2 3 metre lenghts end to end using a sistered approach, they have'nt budged. Screws feel tight and drive home really well. The included star bits fit perfectly. I would recommend pre-drilling part way to get the best fit. Good value for money and feel expensive."
Raised bed sleepers
6 Jul 2014
By oranda, Milton Keynes
"Ordered on one day and picked up the next morning, and given to me by a very helpful lady at the Milton Keynes store, who even checked their length for me as I thought they were the wrong size (but of course they weren't!)
Using the star bit in my Makita drill, these each went through 3 deep softwood railway sleepers and made them tight and secure. Making a great looking raised bed in my front garden.
The coating must be some sort of PTFE as they cut through so easily.
Well worth the money!"
Good screws, a bit pricey
12 Jun 2014
By cash5, Aberdeen
"These screws seem to be good quality and are easy to drive in with the supplied tool, confident they will not snap off at the head and only time will tell regarding anti corrosion properties
A bit expensive at over 35Pence each but they are very good screws overall"
Perfect for solid joins
24 May 2014
By Gills0123, Gillingham
"Good tough screws which grip really well and stand up to a lot of pressure. Screw head enables you to torque up easily."


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  • ron minns (Monday, February 24 14 01:04 pm GMT)

    Is it permissable to increase joists size from 3x2 to 7x2 using tite-fix screws?

These are excellent

31 Aug 2013

By GingerStyles, Cheshire


"I wish they were available more widely as I have to keep driving to get more! They are very strong and very quick. Just the job!"

Good product

22 Jul 2013

By bobthebass, West Yorkshire


"I was going to nail my decking joists but listened to advice and decided on these. Really pleased with the way it all went together, no splits and driven in with ease with a standard drill driver."

Expensive but very reliable

8 Oct 2012

By fincher, Stroud


"These hex screws are very easy to use, drive in well and having used over 300 of them I have not split one piece of wood when driving them 4-5cm from the cut end. Overall these are a good product and do sit flush, although you can get a little bit of countersinking debris, they look neat and professional. Quite expensive at 30 pence each, but does save time where you might otherwise have to use a coach bolt."

Professional Product

15 Apr 2012

By Granpaw, Sunderland


"Nice product, certainly can pull x 2 parts together with great torque and no slip. Looks the business and heaves tight."

robust screws

11 Nov 2011

By GoldenRhino, Southern England


"Very robust & solid screws ideal for large timbers & exterior use"

Goodbye coach bolts!


2 Sep 2011

By cornwallbob, Cornwall


"Bought these to fix rails to fence posts. Effortless driving through 4 inches of post + rail. No pull out or splitting even without a pilot hole. Self countersinking as well. Saved me ages compared to coach bolts."

Better than bolts or coach scr

13 Apr 2011

By Penfold, Uddingston


"Used these to fix the outer joists on a deck to the newel posts. As they are a flush finish, like screws, it is perfect for this job. Will use these again. First class product."

Great Product

30 Apr 2010

By StuT17, Wigan


"These screws really work well, they grab the timber tight and screw in fast using a big Cordless drill/driver, not cheap."

Good first start

23 Apr 2010

By GDWelsh, Reading


"Got these to use on oak sleepers and these needed pre-drilling. Found it difficult to find a long enough 6 or 6.5 mm drill bit.After I did drill through the sleepers they did the job."

Easy to use

20 Mar 2010

By holmes, DEVON


"Used thes to join raiway sleeprs to make raised beds, Perfect screw for this job"

Expensive but good

19 Feb 2010

By OldScrooge, East Yorkshire


"These screws are a bit on the pricey side but work very well. I have just built a car/ caravan port and used these for fixing 4x2 purlins between 6x2 rafters. I did use a pilot hole through the rafter and they got a very good grip in the end grain. Hopefully they will stand up better than interior screws to outside life."

super screws

9 Dec 2008

By aspectsof, kent


"Yes these only do what they say on the tin. They screw into wood, (best with an impact drill) and will hold well past the wood had started to decay!Well worth the money, to get the right screw for the job!"

Timber-Tite® Joist Screw 6.5 x

17 Aug 2008

By Owdhamer, Oldham


"Highly recommended. The amount of torque you can get on these is superb and being a torx head means they don't stip-out like Pozi's so you can get them in and out easily should you need to adjust.A bit on the expensive side but well worth it for the reliability and speed."

Really did the job

2 Aug 2008

By Triumphmad, Sheffield


"Had to put together some decking quickly. These were just right for the job. Did need a pilot hole within 25 mm of the timber end though !"

Excellent Product

11 Jul 2008

By Chucky, North East"


Used for building railway sleeper retaining walls - so easy to screw in"

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