Frequently Asked Questions

"Do Deck-Tite Composite Plus screws require pilot holes when used on composite decking?"

Yes, we recommend that the decking must be pre-drilled and countersunk. If you are screwing composite to composite, pre-drill 90-100% of the screw depth with a 3.5mm diameter pilot hole. Drive the screw flush and do not overdrive. If cam-out occurs, remove and replace. Use two screws at every joist.

"Are Screw-Tite screws appropriate for decking or will they rust?"

Screw-Tite is not suitable for outdoor use - the coating is only designed for internal use. For decking or outdoor applications we recommend Deck-Tite or Deck-Tite Plus as they will not corode when exposed to the elements.

"How do you convert old screw guage diameters to metric?"

Imperial guage diameters metric equivalents are:


3 - 2.4mm

4 - 2.7mm

5 - 3.1mm

6 - 3.5mm

7 - 3.8mm

8 - 4.2mm

9 - 4.5mm

10 - 4.9mm

12 - 5.6mm

14 - 6.3mm

"What size PZ bit do I need for Screw-Tite screws?"

PZ 1 for diameter of 3mm 

PZ 2 for diameters 3.5mm/4mm/4.5mm/5mm

PZ 3 for diameter of 6mm

"What size Torx bit do I need for Timber-Tite screws?"

These screws take a ST30 bit. Each box comes with a free bit. Tubs come with five free bits.

"Where can I get another driver bit for Deck-Tite Plus screws?"

We do not currently sell the bits seperately however, Screwfix do sell packs of square driver bits in their range.

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