Adjust-Tite Screws


Adjust-Tite is removable and allows up to 15mm adjustment, saving time and money when fitting door jambs and kitchen carcasses as no shim/packers are required. Simply screw in and adjust as necessary. No need to waste time fitting the shims/packers and screwing/nailing the timber to them.


Although there are other adjustable screws available on the market they are not removeable whereas Adjust-Tite is. If material needs to be adjusted normal adjustable screws/nails do not allow this and expensive timber is wasted. Adjust-Tite eliminates this problem.


  • Its design means it's the perfect fix for kitchen carcasses and door jambs


  • Jacking has been eliminated with the part thread; a full threaded screw tends to pull apart the jointed material


  • Adjust-Tite has a square recess for an efficient drive


  • Each box comes with a free driver bit


  • Suitable for all timber and fibre boards

Size(s) Available:


Code Size Box Qty Outer Qty
TFAT42075 4.5 x 75MM 200 2000


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