Hinge-Tite® Reviews

Door still attached

Hinge-Tite Chrome 4 x 30mm @ Screwfix

19 Jun 17

By Jamesie66, London


"It's been three days and the door hasn't fallen off its hinges yet. Very good. Thank you."

Perfect for securing hinges

Hinge-Tite Brass 4.5 x 40mm @ Toolstation

June 2017

By Anwen


"Robust screw that does what it says."


Does a good job!

Hinge-Tite Brass 4.5 x 40mm @ Toolstation

May 2017

By Brent


"I've bought these before and they work well."

The Best

Hinge-Tite Chrome 4 x 25mm @ Screwfix

13 Apr 2017

By Peteheat, Welling


"Corrosion proof, strong, sharp & best price. Wouldn't buy any other."

Excellent hinge screw

Hinge-Tite Chrome 4 x 25mm @ Toolstation

Mar 2017

By Mellis


"These screws really compliment the chrome hinges I am fitting. These are easy to fit."

Great screws, excellent price

Hinge-Tite Chrome 4.5 x 40mm @ Toolstation

Dec 2016

By Sawdust Mike


"Great screws for hinges - great replacements for old screws."

Worked a treat

Hinge-Tite Chrome 4.5 x 30mm @ Toolstation

Dec 2016

By Blue Lampshade


"Despite buying good quality hinges, the screws were still a bit soft. These were much stronger and worked a treat."

Great Discovery

Hinge-Tite Brass 4 x 30mm @ Toolstation

Nov 2016

By Norwich DIY


"I was working with another trade and the person gave me a few. I now use these whenever I can. Good positive driving and seem to stay in place."


A good screw

Hinge-Tite Chrome 4.5 x 40mm @ Screwfix

13 Nov 2016

By TallAds, Nottingham


"Throw away the junk they supply with hinges and use these instead. Give great purchase into the frame and much more secure especially if hanging heavy doors."

Ideal specialised screw

Hinge-Tite Chrome 4 x 30mm @ Screwfix

11 Oct 2016

By HammerP, Bury St Edmunds


"As others have said it fits flush with the hinge - also it has a prominent thread which runs the length of the screw, making it ideal for a secure strong fitting."

The best screws I've had


Hinge-Tite Chrome 4 x 25mm @ Screwfix

10 Oct 2016

By popladdy, Stanley


"Bought these to replace the ones made out of cheese in door furniture I bought. They did the job exceedingly well, with a nice chrome finish to match handles. They went in nice and straight."

Great Screws


Hinge-Tite Chrome 4 x 30mm @ Screwfix

2 Oct 2016

By Swan, Essex


"Strong, sharp screws that sit flush with the hinge when tightened (unlike regulat screws, that tend to sit proud of the hine). Although it says that no pilot hole is needed, I always drill a pilot when running screws into hard wood as it makes them easier to remove."

Fair Price

25 Sep 2016

By kboy, Kidderminster


"Good price for a quality screw, does what it says on the tin."


Hinge-Tite 4 x 25mm Chrome @ Wilko

25 Aug 2016


"Fixes very well, goes through the wood very nice."



Hinge-Tite Brass 4 x 25mm @ Screwfix

6 Jun 2016

By DaveTDIY, Midlands


"Good strong screws. I have been back and purchased another box."

"Tite's" the word!

Hinge-Tite Chrome 4 x 25mm @ Screwfix

18 May 2016

By Lernie, Ipswich


"Good fast-holding screw. Difficulty finding a 25mm screw prompted me to try this. I was not dissappointed."

Great screws

29 April 2016

By BelfastAndy, Belfast


"Good little screw. Used there to replace old screws that wouldn't fully tighten. They worked perfectly. Slightly bigger than the old screws, so held well, but still sit neatly in the hinge."

Great screws

25 April 2016

By Tazzy2212, Norwich


"Really great screws ideal for the job in hand well recommended."

Great Value

11 March 2016

By Paing, Bourne


"Did the job exactly as needed for a very good price."

A quantum step for the DiYer

21 Nov 2015

By AnotherDrDave, Nottingham


"As a DiYer I always find door fitting a bit of a challenge but, much to my surprise, these screws seem to make the job easier. I've no idea how or why, but it works for me! Good fit on the screwdriver, easy to insert, good tight fit with no splitting and excellent seating in the hinge-holes."

Strong and just the job

14 Nov 2015

By 40yearsDIY, Scunthorpe


"Screws are both strong and neat in appearance and just the right length. Used for fastening door hinges onto oak door casing after the ones supplied with the hinges snapped."

Excellent for heavy door

30 Oct 2015

By BigAl1968, Haywards Heath


"Replaced hinge screws in a very heavy office fire door. The door had dropped a few mm meaning it would not close correctly. Replaced the standard screws (No. 8 40mm) with these. The thread is wide and deep which offers much better purchase in the timber. Drive with an impace driver they pulled the door back to where it should be without lifting the door first. Very impressed. Screw heads also sat flush in the hinge."

very pleased

11 Aug 2015

By barnsleyfc1, wakefield


"very pleased with these and for a bargain price too if they had more in store I would have bought more."

Good grip

15 May 2014 

By OldRicardo, Doncaster


"Good drive, good hold, accuate head. Great for heavy chipboard cored doors."

Best buy

6 Apr 2014

By longshanks, Sheffield


"Excellent product. Sharp point grabs the wood so no fiddling about trying to start screwing in. The head doesn't shear like most screws supplied with the hinges. Replaced one set of door hinges with these screws and ended up changing the screws on every hinge in the house."

Best for hinges

25 Sep 2013

By BlackFive, Harrogate


"I'd attempted to use normal screws for hinges and the heads were always proud of the hinge surface unless using undersized screws. I then tried these and they sit flush with the hinge surface and grip well. I'll not be using normal screws for hinges again now that I've discovered these specialised hinge screws." 

Best screws for hinges

21 Feb 2013

By Bobthebuilder1, Devon


"Came across these when looking for an alternative to using brass slotted screws for brass hinges I'm very pleased with the end result."

tite screw

11 Dec 2012

By mavrickroy, Bradford


"they are far better than your normal screw for screwing in to wood."

28 Apr 2012

By Charonupthekuiper, Nuneaton

"These are just the job for replacing hinges because they grip into existing holes. The 30mm length might seem a bit short, but they hold interior pine doors without splitting the wood."

chrome screws

20 Jul 2012

By BiffaBrown, Cheadle staffs


"excellent product for fixing chrome bathroom accessories."

Hinge screws

2 Oct 2011

By wilcha, Newport, Gwent


"Good screws very pleased with product, does exactly what it is supposed to."

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