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Excellent product

Floor-Tite 4.2 x 55mm @ Toolstation

Apr 2017

By Grandad David


"I bought 3 boxes of these to sort out my granddaughter's badly squeaking bedroom floorboards. With these and a power screwdrivier I was able to achieve a completely squeak -free floor with the blue coated screws driving in easily with no breakages. Inserting the screws alongside every existing nail helps to avoid the heating pipes and wiring, but it is a good idea to check first especially where some boards have been lifted for alterations to the installations. I will be buying more of these screws to do the other rooms as each carpet is lifted."

They did the job but

4.2 x 45mm Pack of 200 @ Toolstation

January 2017

By captainF


"I used theseto fix chipboard flooring to timber bearers. The sales literature lead me to believe that they would pull themselves into the chipboard but they didn't and I had to drill a 3mm pilot hole for every one. Apart from that they did do the job and made themselves flush without any splinters."

Good screws at a reasonable price

4.2 x 55mm @ Toolstation

January 2017

By NicknameAlreadyUsed


"Purchased these flooring screws to lay a 22mm chipboard floor. No pilot holes required making the job a little quicker. They are a fancy blue colour too. . . . !"

The Best Screws for Flooring

4.2 x 45mm Pack of 200 @ Toolstation

December 2016

By Fred56


"These pull the floor down good and tight and the heads pull in flush easily. No pilot holes or countersinking required. Should be a permanent solution to the squeeky chipboard floor problem. I like the colour too, makes them easy to distinguish from other screws."

Floorboard screws

4.5 x 45mm 200 Pack @ Screwfix

22 Nov 16

By Reviewtowin, Hedge End


"Screws did what it said on the website. I used them on early 1900's floorbaords, and needed to countersink the heads, as the wood was too hard to do it automatically as descrived. Hopefully the nice creakfree boards will stay that way only time will tell."


4 February 2016

By malmarf


"A great product for securing floorboards that creak. So good, that I've used several hundred of these now. I have a stock of 400+ and am working my way throughout the house!!! Thoroughly recommended."


23 Jan 2016

By BLAKE7, Bristol


"Great self starter screws that pull down boards tightly."

Great product

11 Jan 2016

By Tonyballony, Alderley Edge


"Just used 6 boxes of these to lay a T&G chipboard floor and they work great with no messing. Look really cool as well with the blue coating which helps lubricate and speed up the job. A hammer torque driver helps even more. The top os the screw with no thread is good because it is smooth and does not wear out the glove whilst steadying the screw on first turns before it gets a grip in the wood."

Tite Range

13 Nov 2015

By DavidGP, Hemel Hempstead


"Having used other screws from the range such as Hinge-Tite, I had no hesitation choosing these when I decided to at last stop some floor boards from squeaking. Although general purpose screws could have been used, my experience has shown that a purpose made, quality product is usually a better option. This is certainly the case with these screws and I am happy to have stock of yet another screw type. The right tools and supplies lead to a better, easier job with minimal future problems - as long as the person knows how to use them!"


17 Oct 2015

By MEB27, Nottingham


"Used to sort creaking chipboard floors. They drive easily and pull the boards down tight so no more creaks; great product."

Excellent value screws

23 Mar 2015

By teddytubby, Consett


"I removed existing smaller screws in my 15 year old squeaky weyroc flooring and replaced them with these screws and they have sorted the noise."

Great value screws

24 Nov 2014

By Jezmo, Cambridge


"These screws drive in nicely, surface treatment is fantastic though it does come off on your hands a bit."

Excellent floor screws

12 Jun 2014

By borninwales, Wales


"These are great screws, no need for a pilot hole and they self countersink, they pull the flooring down solid with no creaking or movement."

Great Product

26 Mar 2014

By Fullchat, Hull


"20 year old house with chipboard flooring. Now everything has settled and dried out the boards are squeaking. Working through the house with these screws which perform excellently. Had the occasional slip in the head which renders the screw but some of that is operational error in not getting a straight drive."

Solid floor screw

18 Feb 2014

By paul1978, Wales


"Bought these the fix 18mm P5 T&G floor boards. Very good screw, no need to pilot drill and holds the boards well. No creeking or movement. They drive in very well."

8 Nov 2011

By Muraldo, Glasgow


"Used these screws to lay chipboard flooring in my loft and they worked a treat with my Ryobi impact driver. No need to pre drill chipboard and cut through board surface without chipping. They are a strange blue colour but that didn't bother me."

Excellent buy

2 Jan 2010

By thecatpebbles, Shetland Isles


"as the title suggest, these are excellent screws for screwing down floorboards and such like where you want something held tight to another object."

9 Aug 2009

By Fordy, Bristol


"Went into MDF floorboards with no pilot holes a treat and as stated, countersunk themselves. I have to buy 200 but only needed a doxen so lost a star for that!"

15 Jul 2008

By serialselfbuilder, Surrey


"I use this for most jobs. The head has never snapped off, it catches and tightens well. Good all round."


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