Deck-Tite Plus® Reviews

A4 stainless

Deck-Tite Plus 4.5 x 50mm @ Toolstation

June 2017

By JMSJS, Bridgwater


"A4 stainless was why i chose this one. Remember A4 has got more chrome in it, therefore better resistance to weather, but also it is softer too. So rounded about 5-10 out of 100."


Easy to use stainless screws

Deck-Tite Plus 4.5 x 50mm @ Toolstation

January 2017

By Swain E, Shropshire


"Nice square drive head easy and fast to drive. Good tensile strength. And so handy that a square bit is supplied with each box."


Excellent value SS screws

21 Oct 2012

By beware, Sailsbury


"Having read the previous review I was possibly extra cautious when using these, but having just used over 1000 of these on a deck I can honestly say I didn't grind the head out on one of them, and that was using an impact driver!


I did invest in a couple of Wera bits instead of using the supplied bits. Maybe that helped. I only ended up using one of them and that looked as crisp by the end as when I started. True, the bit did tend to bind in the head of the screw but a small tilt of the driver before pulling it out solved that problem."

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